Launch X431 PROS V5.0 Car Scanner Automotive Diagnostic tool Supports CAN FD DoIP 37 special functions Replaces X431 Pros V1.0

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Launch X-431 PROS V5.0 Diagnostic Tool Supports CAN FD DoIP

X-431 PROS V5.0 is a new generation of 8-inch automotive intelligent diagnostic equipment with high configuration and super performance. The host is developed based on the Android 10.0 system, using a 2.0Ghz quad-core high-efficiency processor, 4GBRAM+64GBROM large storage, and equipped with a high-endurance battery, making the diagnosis faster, more stable and more durable; X-431 PROS V5.0 can cover 98% of the market The above-mentioned cars support fault diagnosis of all models and systems, and support code reading, code clearing, data stream reading, special functions, action testing, code setting, matching, and powerful diagnostic functions.

Launch X431 Pros V5.0 Highlights:

  • 2 Years free update
  • Replaces X431 Pros V1.0
  • Android 10 system, large RAM/ROM, longer battery standby, faster
  • 8inch screen, Android 10.0, 2.0GHz 4 core processor, 4GB RAM+64GB ROM
  • Upgraded to DBSCAR VII diagnostic connector, supports CANFD and DOIP
  • The host has a higher version system, larger storage, and longer battery life, making diagnosis faster, more stable, and more durable.

Main Functions

  • Supports VAG guided function (optional)
  • Supports TPMS function with TSGUN Addon
  • Support IMMO programming and other functions with X-PROG 3
  • Support Volkswagen Audi and other guidance functions (optional)
  • Support VIN code intelligent identification function to quickly enter diagnosis
  • Multiple expansion modules support: endoscope, BST-360, oscilloscope, sensor, wifi printer
  • Wide car model coverage, strong diagnostic function, supports full system diagnosis of all car models
  • Support reading version information, code reading, code clearing, reading data stream, action testing, coding, matching, etc.
  • Supports tire pressure activation, programming, learning and detection functions with a tire pressure gun
  • Supports more addons: VSP600 videoscope, BST-360 battery tester, WiFi printer, ADAS, Scopebox, Senser box
  • Supports 37 special functions such as maintenance light reset, throttle matching, steering angle reset, brake pad reset, tire pressure reset, etc.

Launch X-431 PROS V5.0 functions
Functions Display:

Intelligent Diagnose

LAUNCH has accumulated automotive diagnostic technology for more than 20 years, and was the first to propose intelligent diagnosis technology. Through “intelligent diagnose”, it can quickly read the vehicle VIN code, quickly enter the diagnosis, and review historical diagnosis records.

Launch X-431 PROS V5.0 Intelligent Diagnose

Local Diagnose

Support the diagnosis of the whole system of 110+ brand models in the world Basic function diagnosis, support reading version information, reading code, clearing code, reading data stream, action test, code setting, matching, etc., can read and record data stream, etc., to help rapid positioning the fault.

Launch X431 PROS V5.0 Local Diagnose

37 Special Functions 

Supports common special functions for most models, such as maintenance light reset, throttle matching, steering angle reset, brake pad reset, tire pressure reset, ABS exhaust, battery matching, gear information learning, injector coding, DPF regeneration, IMMO, 37 special functions such as matching and IMMO programming.

Launch X431 PROS V5.0 37 Special Functions


Supports tire pressure activation, programming, learning, detection and other functions with a LAUNCH X-431 TSGUN TPMS WAND (additional purchase is required).

Launch X431 PROS V5.0 TPMS

ADAS Calibration 

It supports ADAS calibration function with ADAS PRO or ADAS MOBILE (optional), which can realize the calibration of LDW, ACC, RCW, AVM, BSD, NVS and other ADAS systems.

Launch X431 PROS V5.0 ADAS Calibration

Remote Diagnose

“Remote diagnose” can realize real-time communication between equipment and equipment or equipment and computer, complete vehicle remote diagnosis, and make it a reality for repair technicians to diagnose vehicles thousands of miles away.

Launch X431 PROS V5.0 Remote Diagnose


It can be used with endoscopes, battery detection, oscilloscopes, sensors, IMMO programmer and other expansion modules to make the diagnostic function more powerful.

Launch X431 PROS V5.0 Toolbox

Software Upgrade

Supports one-click online upgrade of client software, vehicle model software, and connector firmware. The new smart selection upgrade function can automatically filter out commonly used software based on user software usage for users to quickly upgrade.

Software Upgrade Software Upgrade

Info Center

The information center integrates maintenance materials, general information and equipment information, and is an information query center.
The maintenance information includes operation skills, fault code help, vehicle maintenance technical manual and IMMO database;
General information provides various types of car maintenance videos and information website online query;
Device information includes product manuals and answers to frequently asked questions.

Launch X431 PROS V5.0 Info Center
Launch X431 PROS V5.0 Info Center
Info Center


When users encounter vehicle models and functional abnormalities under special circumstances during use, they can provide their opinions to Launch through “feedback”, and specialized technicians will track and handle the problem in a timely manner.


Diagnostic History

For each diagnosis, vehicle diagnosis records are automatically generated for easy viewing and comparison at any time to help locate faults.

Diagnostic History
Vehicle Coverage

Supported brands, models, systems and functions can be checked online at any time.

Launch X431 PROS V5.0 Vehicle Coverage


Supports online purchase of software, functions and some hardware outside the configuration, software renewal, etc., and more functions are coming online.

Launch X431 PROS V5.0 Mall
Specifications of the tablet:

Processor 2.0GHz 4 core
Operating system Android 10.0
Memory 4GB
Battery 47880mWh(7.6V,6300mAh)
Camera Rear 8 million pixels
Screen 8 inches 1280*800
WIFI 2.4GHz/5GHz (dual frequency)
Interface 1pc*TYPE A &1pc*TYPE C
Working temperature 0~50℃
Size 228*160*37.4(mm)

Specifications of the DBScar VII VCI connector:

Working voltage  DC 9~18V
Communication method Bluetooth
Size 118.3*69.5* 32 (mm)
Power Indicator This indicator light will illuminate when the VCI diagnostic connector is connected to the vehicle’s OBD II diagnostic socket
Vehicle When the VCI diagnostic connector is communicating with the vehicle ECU, the indicator light will flash
IO 1. When the VCI diagnostic connector communicates with the diagnostic host via Bluetooth, the indicator light displays blue.
2. When the VCI diagnostic connector communicates with the diagnostic host via USB, the indicator light turns red.

Package Includes:
1pc x Launch X-431 PROS V5.0  tablet
1pc x DBScar VII VCI connector

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